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lalalaini's Journal

2 August 1978
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a screaming thing comes across the sky. it's a V-2 rocket carrying twelve thousand pounds of symbolism, and it's coming down on your poor, deluded, postmodern head.


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(i'm public speaking. stop public interrupting me.)
a&e intervention, achromatic pets, alphabetizing on the sly, andy warhol's diary, antibiotics, bang and orgasm, bedhead, belle and sebastian, bikini kill, björk, bleeps, blonde redhead, blur (before graham split), boards of canada, brian jonestown massacre, britpop, bubble baths, burts beeswax lip balm, cat power, chanel, chris matthews, christopher walken's hair, constellation records cardboard packaging, cowgirls, crocheting, dancing about the economy, dane cook, dior not war, dirty.org, dismemberment plan, douglas coupland, ethan frome, ewan mcgregor, fall out boy, fanatical list-making, foreign fashion magazines, freebase tutorial, fuck james joyce, georgia nicolson, getting lost, godspeed you! black emperor, gone with the wind, graham coxon, greenwood family bone structure, harry potter, haruki murakami, headphones, i garfunkeled your mother, insomnia, interpol, isabella blow, jake gyllenhaal, jay-z, jeffrey eugenides, jim halpert, joe scarborough, john cusack, justin timberlake, karen oh oh oh, karl pilkington, karl's russian hat, katamari damacy, kate moss, kevin chan's weiner, king black acid, kissing book, kylie minogue, late night cable news, lauren ezersky, letters, lily allen, lindsay lohan, long songs, lucy ricardo, martin amis, masha novoselova, mazzy star, mirah, mixtapes, mk and ash, mogwai, ms. dynamite, neutral milk hotel, nico, nigel godrich, office supply fetishism, oo-er, outgrowing bookshelves daily, pants optional, penguins, pete international airport, pictures from moving cars, pills, playing who's-in-my-mouth, pointless data entry, portishead, posh and becks, pulp, punctuating punctuation, pundit crushery, quiet loud quiet loud, r.e.m., radiohead, reading instead of sleeping, rebecca sealfon, red pen submission, red pens, ricky gervais, ron weasley, runway all day, rvng, sac sac, salman rushdie, scrabble, simon david williamson, singing jonny's guitar solos, sister sonny, sleater-kinney, sleepovers, slurpees, snowballs every day, so prone to hyperbole, spelling bees, spiritualized, spontaneous dental hydroplosion, stanley donwood, stationery, swoon 23, taking pictures of words, the dandy warhols, the dewey decimal system, the lucksmiths, the mla handbook, the moldy peaches, the office, the popstar alphabet game, the smell of hospitals, the smoot, the streets, the thermals, the wau wau sisters, thousand-dollar purses, thousand-page books, trainspotting, twin peaks, uncle ned episodes of family ties, underworld, velvet underground, victoria beckham, yeah yeah yeahs